Earlier today, Twitch suspended the channel belonging to Prime Video España. That’s an official Amazon Prime Video channel. Twitch is owned by Amazon.

You can see it right here, with the suspension being instituted five hours ago (at time of posting). This is the first time that any Amazon channel has had to be suspended from the Amazon-owned streaming platform, and what makes it really interesting is that it doesn’t look like it was a technical hiccup or an administrative error: it appears the punishment is because the channel really did break the rules.

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As Dexerto reports, while streaming the last episode for 2021 of the panel show Esto Es Un Late, things got a little out of hand. Hours into the broadcast—which featured several prominent streamers—host and comedian Henar Álvarez said, “We’re going for the ban…Let’s go, they’ll ban us,” while lifting up her shirt (pictured above). She was joined by one of the other panellists, who pulled her own shirt down, briefly exposing a nipple.

At first the camera merely cut away, but when the stream returned and Álvarez did it again (this time momentarily exposing her own breast) the broadcast abruptly ended and was replaced by a title card. While we don’t know if that’s why the suspension was handed out, it certainly seems likely, as both Álvarez and the panellist’s actions were in violation of Twitch’s community guidelines on Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content. Here’s what those guidelines have to say about what was shown in the stream:


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