Two years ago, prominent Hollywood therapist Amie Harwick was found fatally injured beneath her bedroom balcony just hours after Valentine’s Day — a former boyfriend has been charged with her death. In his first extensive TV interview, Drew Carey, host of CBS’ “The Price Is Right” and Harwick’s onetime fiancé, offers “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty a raw, honest account of unexpected love and unbearable loss.

In the early morning hours of February 15, 2020, police found Amie Harwick, a high-profile family therapist, clinging to life beneath the balcony outside her home.

As Amie was rushed to the hospital, investigators immediately questioned her traumatized roommate who had called 911. They set out to interview neighbors and look for surveillance camera video – anything to explain what had happened to her.

Hours earlier, Amie’s Valentine’s Day had started peacefully with a sunrise hike with her friend, Cleopatra Slough.

Cleopatra Slough: So, I got to her house … She invited me in because she still hadn’t gotten ready yet. … We went up to her bedroom, which was very beautiful. It had this nice balcony, all this natural light. …And she was frantically getting ready and at the last minute, she grabbed this little red cardigan sweater and said,” it’s Valentine’s Day, I am just going to throw this on.” Amie acted as a local tour guide as they climbed the winding Hollywood Hills streets.

Cleopatra Slough: She was pointing out all these different landmarks she liked, telling me different history about the neighborhood.

They stopped for breakfast at the Beachwood Café.

Cleopatra Slough: She talked a lot about how happy she was. How … she felt really accomplished and happy with where she was in life and very much, like, at peace … Erin Moriarty: Did she seem worried about anything that day? Cleopatra Slough: No. Erin Moriarty: Did she talk about what her plans were that night? Cleopatra Slough: Yes. … They were all going to a burlesque show. And she was really excited to get dressed up and go to that.Erin Moriarty: What was she wearing that night? Miss Tosh: She was wearing her rosary necklace, her leather jacket, her purse and her boots and a velvet dress. The necklace would later become a key piece of evidence. Amie’s friend, known as Miss Tosh, says the burlesque show started around 7 p.m.

Miss Tosh: They brought a little Kodak camera and taking all these film photos together … And I could see them even when I was on stage just, like, cheering and standing. The best time.

Around the time that Amie and her friends were taking pictures at the show, Amie’s roommate Michael Herman – asleep in his room on the first floor – would later tell authorities he thought he heard the sound of a smashing plate. He thought it was Amie, a floor above, and drifted back to sleep. Investigators now believe it was an intruder breaking the glass of the French door to her home.

Erin Moriarty [looking at photo]: In this moment, everybody, you know, looks happy.

Miss Tosh: We’re all on a high of thrill of celebrating the show … we were just having so much fun. Amie, still at the Globe Theater, caught up with Miss Tosh in the lobby after the show around 9 p.m. Miss Tosh asked her to come to the after party. Miss Tosh: And she’s like, “no, I’m just going to have tea with my friends” … and that was my last moment with her was just, you know,” I love you. I’ll see you again soon.”Amie and her friends left the Globe Theatre and they ended up at the Nomad until 12:18 a.m. At around 1 a.m., Amie pulled into her driveway, and she texted her friend Sara Rollins to send pictures from the Nomad: “Send me pics on the green couch!” The time is 1:02 a.m. Moments later, police believe she climbed the stairs to her third-floor bedroom and was viciously attacked. Police theorize that Amie’s assailant had been lying in wait for four hours. Amie’s roommate was jolted out of sleep by her screams. He later testified that he heard the sound of bodies falling to the floor and more screams that seemed muffled, as though someone had put a hand over her mouth. Unable to find his phone, Amie’s roommate first just tries yelling to scare the assailant away. When he runs for help, he gets trapped inside the courtyard, and has to scale a tall metal fence, cutting himself, but he still makes it over to the neighbor, knocking repeatedly, and nobody comes to the door. It was now 1:08 a.m., Amie’s roommate is frantic. He then runs across the street and again no one answers the door. Then, he sees someone walking up the street who happens to have a phone. They call for help. It is now 1:14 a.m.

That’s when police found Amie lying 20 feet below her bedroom balcony. She was struggling to breathe.

Police noted that Amie had severe injuries and deep marks on her neck – signs that she had been strangled before she fell from the balcony.

At 2:05 a.m., Sara Rollins, who had no idea Amie was clinging to life, texted that photo of her on the green couch. But, by then, Amie was on her way to Cedar Sinai Medical Center. She died at 3:26 a.m. Inside her home investigators discovered evidence of a violent struggle. There was blood on a bedroom door. There was also a trail of those rosary beads that she’d been wearing earlier that night that went from her TV room, through her bedroom and onto the balcony. And that’s where they recovered a syringe filled with liquid.

Timeline: The suspicious death of Amie Harwick

Considering Amie did not smoke, drink or do drugs, the syringe seemed out of place. Was it left by Amie’s attacker? And why?


As dawn broke over Los Angeles on the morning after Valentine’s Day in 2020, hearts began breaking. Robert Coshland: It’s like the sun was ripped from the sky. Amie Harwick’s close friends Cleopatra Slough, Grace Stanley and Robert Coshland, were hearing the news that the 38-year-old woman they’d loved and leaned on was gone. Cleopatra Slough (cries): I didn’t believe it. Grace Stanley (cries): She’s not there anymore. Robert Coshland: The police called me…and said, “Hey can you come down to the Hollywood station.”

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