US Congressman and Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Gregory W Meeks has said the US does not want to impose any sanctions against Bangladesh and there is an excellent relationship between the Washington and Dhaka.

“We want to make sure that we are not (imposing any sanctions) against Bangladesh and we are still working with the government and people of the country,” he told a fundraising luncheon function at a restaurant in New York’s Queens on Monday, according to message received here on Tuesday.

Meeks, also an eminent lawyer, has been a US representative of the Democratic Party from New York since 1998, and serving as chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs since 2021.

“We are not putting any embargo against Bangladesh. The sanctions were imposed on some individuals of an organization, not the entire organization… we are looking into the scenario there,” he added.

Meeks also replied to a question about a vested quarter, from inside and outside Bangladesh, that is strongly lobbying for imposing sanctions against more officials and politicians.

“But we will not do it as per their words… it’s not possible, and we’ll take right steps after scrutinizing all things,” he said.


Meeks said he will visit Bangladesh this year to see the human rights situation and other issues.


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