Fox News’ Julie Banderas recalled misogynistic comments that were once made to her by a former male colleague.

“He told me that he would only marry someone who was hot because he wants to have hot kids,” Banderas remembered on Friday’s episode of “Outnumbered.”

“He wouldn’t marry a fat girl, I’m not kidding, this actually came out of the mouth of a man to me, because he wouldn’t want to have fat children,” she continued. “I’m not even joking. And the criteria was that they must be hot. There are a lot of idiots out there.”

Banderas did not name the former colleague “because then he would be ruined forever,” she said in a video shared by The Daily Beast. Banderas, a mother of three, has worked at Fox News since 2005. It’s unclear if she worked for the conservative network when the comments were made by her then-coworker.

The recollection came during a panel discussion condemning the similarly misogynistic comments made by Anthony Casasanta, a host on “The No Filter Podcast.”

Casasanta, in a video that went viral on TikTok with more than 2.2 million views and sparked outrage worldwide, said: “If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her, once: ‘If you don’t get your shit together…’ I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, my spouse, girlfriend too. ‘But if you can’t do that, I’m out.’”

The podcast hosts refused to apologize, however, and claimed in a statement to that their comments had been taken “out of context.”

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