With the roll around of another year, the SSC results of this year have been published. Altogether, 93.58% of candidates have obtained passing grades over the 82.87% of last year. So, the 10% increase is definitely commendable and deserves recognition from all quarters of the state.

At the same time, we have to ask ourselves if our pat on the back is truly deserved, or nothing more than a hollow self-congratulation. The passing rate has been increasing for a while now, but with it, the unemployment rate and the lack of skills and knowledge among the general populace have been on the rise as well.

We have to ask ourselves: Is the passing rate really a measurable component on which we can evaluate our success, or is it nothing more than an arbitrary statistic? We have to ask ourselves if we are doing more harm than good when we focus on the passing rates instead of focusing on the quality of our education system. By all accounts, the education system of Bangladesh is antiquated, and it doesn’t hold up to the test. For a Bangladesh that wants to not just be a member of the future order, but a leader within it, this is simply unacceptable.

We need to straighten our priorities. We need to focus on building an education system that is fit for the modern world. This mindless hankering after pass rates needs to stop and instead, we need to focus on the higher education institutions and work on modernizing and updating them. It is no wonder that we keep losing so many bright minds to foreign countries.

Bangladesh has a lot to achieve in the coming decade, but nothing can be achieved without help from the people, especially the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.

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