Cautionary signal number 3 has been hoisted at the sea ports

Most fishing trawlers in Chittagong could not go into fishing expeditions due to hostile weather even after the government’s 65-day ban on fishing in the sea ended.

Thousands of fishermen are now waiting at the seashore.

Due to low pressure forming in the Bay of Bengal on Thursday, the Meteorological Department on Saturday morning directed seaports to hoist local cautionary signal number 3.

According to the Chittagong Sonali Jantrik Motsya Somobai Samiti, the fishermen were preparing to go fishing in the sea from midnight on Friday. Preparations had also been made for fishing in the 220 yards of the new Fishery Ghat in Chittagong and six yards of the old Fishery Ghat.

According to the district fisheries office, there are 25,675 fishermen in the district, of whom 3,000 are in the Chittagong metropolis.

Captain Noble Dutta of FV Tashfiq, a fishing vessel waiting at the city’s fishery ghat, said: “Though the government’s 65-day ban on fishing at sea has ended, we are unable to go out to sea due to the unfavourable weather. If the situation is normal, we will go fishing.”


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According to Aminul Haque Babul Sarkar, general secretary of the Chittagong Sonali Jantrik Motsya Somobai Samiti, no fishing trawler could go out to sea, with thousands of fishermen forced to remain at the seashore.

However, some fishermen were fishing with trawlers in the coastal areas even though they had not gone out to the deep sea. If the weather is a little better, they will rush into the deep sea, said Aminul Haque.

Chittagong Marine Fisheries office Inspector Manjurul Alam said the fishermen were preparing to go out to sea on the last day of the ban. However, due to hostile weather, warning number 3 was hoisted at the sea ports. All sea-going vessels were being warned to be careful.

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