hile it is unfortunate that no evident progress has been seen in the last couple of years to finish constructing our specialized Jute Textile Mill, the lack of progress on this front is hardly surprising.

This is simply a continuation of our long-followed tradition of allowing unchecked bureaucracy and corruption to stifle progress.

Our nation’s overall goals of development are finally within reach and the dividends are finally starting to pay. However, there are always stumbling blocks on the road to our progress it seems, with seemingly no end in sight. And the Jute Textile Mill is the most recent victim of this phenomenon.

From mismanagement, incompetence, and downright corruption, there isn’t a single development project in Bangladesh that doesn’t suffer from these issues. But since this is a widespread issue that is harming us across the board, the cases of mismanagement quickly build-up, and we are at a point where even a tiny delay hurts both the image we are trying to build abroad and diminishes the public approval this government has.

For example, the MRT project is something that should have been in its final stages by now. But, instead of ameliorating the issue of traffic jams, we have seen the traffic issue mutate by leaps and bounds because of the project’s sloth-like progress.

This is, to put it lightly, unacceptable. More so for a nation that has its future hinged on such development projects.


The administration needs to stick to proper timelines, and they have to be set up with the right checks and balances so that any impropriety is detected and rooted out before it can affect the project at hand. To that end, it is usually a handful of bad apples at the middle ranks who tend to be the thorns on the side.

Our nation’s overarching goals and all the progress we have made so far will have all been for nothing if we keep losing it to the twin threats of bureaucracy and corruption. We need to nip these

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