popularly known as Mr Kazi, Shaheb, Dulabhai, Boro Bhai, and was head of the Kazi family.

To me he was my quirky father in law with the funniest dance moves and who loved eating mangoes, mishtis, and meat-laden dishes, especially the ones prepared by his devoted wife, Nasima Mahabub Mira. He was a loving father of three children — Mostafiz, Farhana, and Rifaetul; father in law to Shamim, Tahsina, and me, and beloved grandfather to Adyan, Safiyy, Shehzad, Uzair, and Zayden.

He never said no to helping any of his family members whenever they needed help. From paying for education expenses for his many nephews and nieces to wedding costs to finding jobs to resolving land disputes, he carried his entire family and set them all up.


Sure he would crib a little bit and expect a bit of extra pampering and love from everyone around him but in the end, even when no one else did, he always came through for those in need.

He was a chartered accountant and a respected businessman, having owned and operated businesses in printing, packaging, RMG, real estate, restaurants, insurance, and a credit union. He was a proud Rotarian and served as president of the Dhaka North Rotary Club. He did much for his village Paragram, ranging from building mosques and schools to even building a police station. He was respected, loved, and revered by all in Paragram and the surrounding villages.

Being a light-skinned Bangali with light-coloured eyes, with a full head of hair even till the end, he was a curiosity for all and I remember the first time my brother met him, he exclaimed: “Kazi’s dad looks like a white guy!” He loved being a British citizen and always looked forward to his biannual trips to London where he could dress up in his English hats and coats and enjoy the smaller pleasures in life, like taking a bus, doing his own groceries, helping my mother in law prepare lavish dinners for their many friends in London, and so on.


He gifted us air tickets for our 45th birthdays (and 8th for Safiyy) and upcoming 10th anniversary. Pappa was so excited for us to be in London, staying in their flat and showing our son the sights and sounds of his beloved London. I know he regrets that we had to cancel our trip.

He was a stubborn man and basically, if he decided he was going to do something, there was nothing or no one that could stop him. Much like his decision to travel to London despite not being in the best of health. He said he had to be in London for work and even after all of us told him not to go now but in a couple of months, his mind and heart had already been made up.

You were fiercely stubborn till the end, defying even the doctors and science by holding on as long as you did. You had your wife Nasima by your side — the person you started your life in London with and the person who was next to you till the end of your life, holding your hand every step of the way.

It was my honour to be with you till your last breath along with mummy, Farhana, Shamim, and the kids — to get the chance to thank you for everything you have done for us and to pray for you.

It would be remiss of me not to mention my incredibly formidable mother in law. I had the good fortune of being able to spend time with her for 12 days one on one in London. We had decided as a family that she should not be left alone. So in between Mostafiz and Farhana’s trips, I volunteered to go. And I am so glad I did. I got an intimate insight into what a wonderful lady she is – so genuine, so kind and so humble- a blessing for me as her daughter in law.

I feel we really understood each other so much better and I call her every other day as I miss her here in Dhaka. Seeing how graceful and dignified mummy was as Pappa was transitioning to the other side, simply blew me away. The situation we tried so hard to prevent (her being by herself in case this happens) is exactly what happened — none of us were there with her in person. And yet she handled the whole situation so well and so calmly, my respect and admiration for her just skyrocketed. Pappa you must be so proud of your Mira.

Thank you Pappa for everything. And thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive father, grandfather, and a loving father-in-law to me. You would be so proud of your son Mostafiz who has handled everything so responsibly and will continue to fulfill his duties as the eldest son. You would be so proud of your Farri who is the family rock and will continue to be so. You would be so proud of your youngest son Rifaetul who conducted the final rites for you with so much love.

We will miss you so terribly and we will remember you in our daily lives and in all of our celebrations. Rest In Peace Pappa.

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