178, residents of the villages of Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka, located near the border with Ukraine, were taken to Belgorod. The corresponding video message was published on the Telegram channel of the mayor of the city Anton Ivanov.

“Today, in the evening, 178 people came to us – residents of Nekhoteevka and Zhuravlevka,” Ivanov said.

According to the head of Belgorod, 100 people are in a temporary accommodation center, where they were provided with food and provided with the necessary medical care, the rest, the villagers left for relatives.

On March 23, it became known that a shell fired from Ukraine exploded in a village in the Belgorod region, as a result of which the residents of nearby villages were injured. “A shell exploded in the village, there are victims,” the governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, emphasized. In the settlements of Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka, an emergency mode was introduced.

On March 1, in Taganrog, in the area of ​​​​the military airfield, a Ukrainian missile was shot down, within the city, they heard an explosion. In, as a result of a thundering explosion, the containers that were being prepared for loading at the airfield were damaged.

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