Freedom fighters and the Pakistan army fought 18 bloody battles from June 12 to November 28 in the 1971 war at Kamalpur

Kamalpur, a border area, known as the gateway to Dhaka from the northern sector under Sector 11, the central sector and the largest one of the Bangladesh Forces, was liberated on December 4, 1971.

The Battle of Kamalpur launched against the Pakistan Army is one of the most significant battles fought by the Bangladesh Forces in the 1971 Liberation War.

The Pakistan Army set up a military camp at Kamalpur (now in Bakshiganj upazila of Jamalpur) which was attacked by the 1st East Bengal Regiment of Z Force several times.

Finally, on December 4, the Pakistan Army had to withdraw and fall back on its headquarters at Jamalpur after an attack by the Bangladesh Forces and Indian Army.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Pakistani troops were defeated and Jamalpur became free.

Since then, December 4 has been observed as Kamalpur Liberation Day every year.

Freedom fighters and the Pakistan army fought 18 bloody battles from June 12 to November 28 in the 1971 war at Kamalpur.

In the battles, 194 freedom fighters embraced martyrdom, including Captain Salah Uddin Momtaz. During the battles, 497 Pakistani troops were also killed.

Besides, Sector Commander Major Abu Taher lost one leg in a battle on November 14 at Kamalpur.

The Pakistan army fortified the camp with heavy weapons and troops as it was situated near Mohendraganj in India.

Before capturing the camp, the allied force launched an attack on November 23. After a 10-day war, the allied force overpowered the Pakistani army on this day in 1971 and captured Kamalpur, the most important camp of the Pakistani occupiers.

On that day, Ahasan Malik Khan, garrison commander, 31 Baluch Regiment, along with 162 soldiers and a huge quantity of ammunition, surrendered to Hardev Singh Kler, brigade commander of the allied force.

Freedom fighter Syed Sadruzzaman Helal (Bir Protik), who led battles 14 times against the Pakistan army at Kamalpur camp, told Dhaka Tribune that after the fall of the camp the allied force entered Jamalpur and Sherpur district and expedited their liberation from Pakistani occupation.

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