A total of 1,833 women were raped in Bangladesh in 2021, with 1,047 of them being under the age of 18, according to the Human Rights Support Society (HRSS).

Among the rape survivors, 296 were gang-raped and 52 women were killed following the rape.

The number of incidents of violence may be higher as the data was compiled from the renowned newspapers, which also show that women are still suffering for not giving dowry, HRSS added.


According to HRSS data, 113 women were physically tortured and 42 were murdered for refusing to pay dowry.

Furthermore, despite substantial and widespread social awareness campaigns against the epidemic of acid assaults in Bangladesh for numerous years, it continues to occur. In 2021, four people were killed and 24 more were injured in acid attacks.

Political unrest is another major cause of deaths. In 2021, political unrest resulted in 4,352 injuries and 82 killings. As many as 5,401 individuals were injured during the Union Parishad Election

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