What is the most recent organizing trend? Coffee and tea bars in the comfort of your own home. These impeccable beverage stations have taken up entire pages on Pinterest. However, before you roll your eyes and declare that this is something you could never do, how-to guides demonstrate that this may be worthwhile and even enjoyable. A little strategic storage, intelligent placement, and minor rearrangement can result in less time spent digging for your designated teaspoon or desperately scrounging for the last remnants of coffee grounds at the bottom of the bag. Teabags, K-Cups, sugar, and mugs are all within easy reach.


Embrace yourself and shop these space-saving items to assist in transforming one of the most frequently used areas of your kitchen into a highly functional coffee and other hot beverage station that will not only look great but also make your morning routine a little more enjoyable.

Tea and Coffee Mug Racks


Bulky mugs are notoriously difficult to store, even more so if cabinet and shelving space are limited. Using racks allows you to display your cups clutter-free and quickly access them during the morning rush. The Rebrilliant under-shelf mug hook easily slides onto a cabinet shelf or beneath a kitchen cabinet, while the Gourmet Basics mug tree holds up to six mugs and features a compartment underneath.

Cake Pedestals and Stands

Not only does using small, tiered shelving such as a cake stand or an adjustable pedestal look adorable and intentional, but it also provides elevation for items such as mugs or containers while taking up less counter space. Smaller items such as individual creamers, sugar packets, or stir sticks should be placed on the top tiers, while larger items should be placed on the bottom tiers.

Easy Access Canisters


Using canisters to store sugar, coffee grounds, loose leaf tea, or even K-Cups and teabags is an excellent idea. Stack and display them on counters or designated shelving to ensure that they are easily accessible, even when you are half asleep. Both of these options feature tight-sealing lids that maintain the freshness of their valuable caffeinated contents.

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