In the first four phases of Union Parishad (UP) polls in 2021, Bangladesh has witnessed at least 113 deaths and 7,201 injuries in 672 incidents of violence, says an Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) report.

While revealing the annual report, ASK also mentioned 13 more people were killed and 788 people were also injured in 83 incidents in municipalities and city corporations’ elections.

With this, the total number of death toll in poll violence stands at 126 while the injury count stands at 7,989.


The first of the six phase Union Parishad election started in September, 2021 and will end on January 31, 2022. Election commission has completed four phases of the election in 2021.

The organization termed the child rights situation frustrating and said that 596 children were killed in this year, seven more than 2020.

The ASK report stated 80 people were victims of extrajudicial killings in one year. Besides, some 16 Bangladeshi were killed at the borders in 2021.


Violence against woman

Throughout the year, 640 women have been victims of domestic violence. Of them, 372 died.

At the same time, 210 women were tortured for dowry in 2021 and 72 of them were killed after being physically abused.

The report also highlighted a scary scenario of domestic violence. At least, one woman died every day from the domestic violence while one woman committed suicide in every three days in the country.

Besides, rights of around 1,426 children were violated during 2021 while a total of 1,321 women have been victims of rape and gang rape across the country.

ASK Senior Coordinator Abu Ahmed Faizul Kabir said 48 women were killed after rape and nine women committed suicide after being raped in 2021.

According to ASK, some 852 children (774 girls and 78 boys), more than 2 in a day, were raped in the year.

Meanwhile, in 2021, 128 women were victims of sexual harassment while 185 children were subject to the harassment across the year.

A total of eight people including three women and five men were killed while protesting against sexual harassment.

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