Reddit user u/ypash asked restaurant workers “what’s the pettiest reason a customer has sent food back to the kitchen?” and they are indeed VERY petty.

Here’s what they shared:

1.”My favorite is when they find their own hair in their food. Girl with long blonde hair sent her food back once because she found a long blonde hair in her food. I am a male with short brown hair and the entire kitchen staff are Hispanic males with short black hair. It was…amusing to say the least.”

2.”I had a group of 10 demand that all their food be compensated because one person found a piece of fuzz in their food. I get wanting the one dish redone or taken off, but all of them? The worst part is the owner did comp the entire group food and drinks.”


3.”[A customer] sent it back because it tasted too much like garlic. He asked us to add ‘extra garlic’ even though it’s not in the recipe…”

4.”One time, this SUUUUPER racist lady at the place I work at now asked who had made her meal one night before eating. I told her and she gave it right back to me and said, ‘I don’t eat meals made by Spanish speakers.'”


5.”‘I didn’t know the fish chowder would be so fishy.’ This was in Nova Scotia. Fish to us is like beef to Texans.”


6.”As a line cook/aspiring chef for 11 years, I have, on more than three occasions, had people send their steak/prime rib back to the kitchen with the request for us to cut it up for them.”


7.”This lady wanted her steak ‘butterflied’ which means that the grill cook slices the steak a certain way and tosses it on the grill and cooks it to the temp you want. Anyways, lady wants it ‘butterflied’, no biggie. Once I brought it out, she flips her shit and was genuinely so mad that her steak did in fact NOT look like an actual butterfly.”

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“I simply explained to her what ‘butterflied’ meant and she tried to act offended like she knew but wasn’t satisfied. Her husband and kids were so embarrassed and kept trying to calm her down and apologizing to me. But all I could do was smile. In the end, she said, ‘I don’t even want to bother speaking to the manager, get this out of my face. Get me something else.’ She ordered chicken strips and fries from the kid’s menu all because her ‘butterflied’ steak didn’t look like an ACTUAL butterfly.”

8.”[Two people] ordered blackened steaks and sent them back because ‘we didn’t know what blackened meant.’ If only there were someone they could’ve asked.”

9.”Had this older couple come in with their grandson. The lady ordered a steak and when all the food came out, her steak was overcooked [so she] asked for it to be re-cooked (a medium well steak). Had no issue with that. So I come back with the recooked steak and put it down and she’s like, ‘everyone is now done eating, I’m not eating that!’ So I took it back and she didn’t eat anything else

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