The video was posted to the popular subreddit r/PublicFreakout last year and has gone viral again after being reposted to TikTok last month by user @sidneycrosby33.

The woman in the video can be heard saying to the man, “So why don’t you go back to China where you belong, motherf*cker,” to which the man in the video responds, “You are in China.” She then says, “I’m standing in Hong Kong,” shortly before the video cuts off.

The video does not appear to show what caused the woman to begin berating the bus driver, though the uploader suggested that she may have been intoxicated in the caption.

@sidneycrosby33Alcohol mixed with racism is really bad♬ original sound – Sidney Crosby


Many users in the comment section mocked the woman for being an “average American” and expressed disbelief toward the woman’s ignorance.

One user commented, “Tell me you’re an American without telling me you’re an American,” while another wrote, “Why are they never embarrassed.”

Since being uploaded to TikTok on March 24, the video has garnered over 3.1 million views and 509,000 likes.

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