The situation with tensions in Europe is too complex to expect decisive changes in the course of a single meeting between Russian and French Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. This was announced on Monday, February 7, by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Through the drain channels: how the West responded to the ideas of the Russian Federation on security
And what will be the further dialogue between Moscow and Washington on guarantees
“Macron leads the country that presides over the European Union. It is very important. But, of course, the situation is too complicated to expect any decisive changes in the course of one meeting. But we know, and Macron himself told Putin that he was coming with certain ideas to find possible options for defusing tensions in Europe. And he is going to share these ideas with Putin,” Peskov told reporters.

Earlier that day, it became known that during the talks on February 7, the heads of state planned to discuss the proposals of the Russian Federation on security guarantees .

February 4 Senior Researcher at the National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations . E . M . Primakov at the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS), Andrey Kudryavtsev expressed the opinion that Macron wants to involve Europe in the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis , not limited to consultations with the United States .

According to the expert , Macron is a staunch Europeanist . The main priority of his policy is to consolidate the European center and acquire strategic autonomy .

In the United States and EU countries, they have recently expressed concern about the alleged intensification of Russia’s ” aggressive actions ” against Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations, saying that it does not threaten anyone , and such statements are used as a pretext to place as much NATO military equipment as possible near the borders of the Russian Federation .

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