Heidi Klum wants her social media to be a positive place — which, for her, means turning off her comments.

The supermodel, 48, spoke to The Sunday Times about why she decided to make that social media move on her accounts. She currently boasts more than 9 million followers on Instagram alone.

“Some people say mean things to me. Or else they say mean things to each other, which is in some ways worse,” the Project Runway star explained. “They are coming onto my platform and fighting among themselves and I don’t want to be the person fuelling that hatred. I have an ‘If I don’t like something then move on’ type of outlook. The planet is big enough for everyone as long as you’re not hurting anybody. They should take their negativity elsewhere because I am definitely not trying to tell any woman they need to be this or that. That’s not me.”

The so-called Queen of Halloween may not like any hate in her comments section, but overall, she’s very unfiltered about what she posts. She told The Sunday Times that just because she’s getting older, doesn’t mean she wants to change what she posts.

“I know I don’t look 20 any more but inside, my spirit, my heart, my joy for life is the same,” she noted. “Sure there are jeans I can no longer get into.”

Recently, those more revealing pics have included a photo of her sporting a red string bikini as well as one of her wearing barely-there lingerie from Fendi’s collaborations with Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS.

In December 2020, she spoke to People about unapologetically posting content that her kids aren’t always thrilled with.

“I’m definitely more open with my body and I’m an outgoing person. I am from Germany and I am, you know, I don’t always tend to wear the most clothes,” she said. “So you know sometimes they will give me a nudge and be like, ‘Mom, really?'”

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