Garrett Soldano, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, faced widespread backlash after he argued against survivors of sexual assault getting abortions, saying they didn’t know if their unborn baby could become president.

Soldano, citing a friend whose mother was the victim of a gang rape, claimed people who become pregnant from sexual assault were put “in this moment” by God and that the DNA of the fetus should be protected.

“And so what we must start to focus on is not only to defend the DNA when it’s created, but, however, how about we start inspiring women in the culture to let them understand and know how heroic they are? And how unbelievable that they are?” he told conservative commentator April Moss on her “Face The Facts” podcast.

“That God put them in this moment and they don’t know that little baby inside them may be the next president, maybe the next person who changes humanity, may get us out of the situation in the future,” Soldano added, per a video of the conversation that Heartland Signal tweeted Monday. “We must always, always protect that DNA and allow it to have a voice.”

One franchise great talked about a potential name on Monday as if it was a done deal. Joe Theismann discussed the topic in an interview with CBS Sports Radio.

“I think the Commanders is a name that is gonna be hopefully one people talk about moving forward,” Theismann said. “There were so many different options. Once again, it’s trademark infringement. It’s getting approval from different people. If you choose a name, is there a group out there that isn’t gonna like it? There’s so many things you have to consider.”

So is Commanders it?

Was Theismann speaking on inside information or providing just his opinion on “Commanders” two days out from the reveal? After his comments fueled social media speculation, Theismann told the Washington Times via text that he didn’t know what the name is.

“Like you I’ll find out on Wednesday,” Theismann wrote, per the Times.

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