Multiple sources close to the government tell CBC News that the health department is preparing options for the cabinet to increase the increase in room capacity restrictions.

A protester taking part in rallies against COVID-19 restrictions walks in front of a “Freedom” sign on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday. Increasingly repeated calls for Ford are taking a more active part in protest races in Ontario. (Adrian Wilde/Canadian Press)
Ford is likely to think thoughts, adviser
B says with the current schedule, Ontario should take the next step Feb. 21 by lifting all capacity limits in restaurants, bars, cinemas and gyms and large auditoriums increases percentage of attendance up to 50 percent of capacity. The rest of the bandwidth restrictions are due to be lifted in three weeks, on March 14th.

Ford said that no change in the schedule will reveal cases of infection.

“People like it when you have a plan and when you stick to it,” the adviser said. “I don’t see any upside to moving in connection.”

That’s why you don’t see Ford follow the example of Alberta Premier Jason Kenny and announce an immediate lifting of restrictions or swift enforcement of Ontario’s mask-wearing in presence and enforcement of vaccination requirements.

WATCH | Ontario is taking a cautious path to easing public health restrictions:

Ontario not yet waiving vaccine passports or masks, minister says
19 hours ago
Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott says the province is taking a cautious path to ease public health restrictions due to the spread of highly contagious cases. 1:25
“At this time, we don’t have plans to choose between passports [vaccines] or camouflage. We have noted that camouflage will be essential for an extended period of time,” Christine Elliott said at a press conference at the Ontario Department of Health.

What happens to protests being taken over by truckers as they reveal demands that include the consumption of all doses for vaccines and masks, most of which fall under provincial jurisdiction.

Protests political hot potato
Increasingly repeated calls for Ford are taking a more active role in the costs of the protests. After all, Ottawa and Windsor are in Ontario.

“I call on this government of Ontario to end the illegal blockades in several Ontario cities and enforce the law,” Transportation Minister Omar Algabra said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Police officers patrol downtown Ottawa on Tuesday during ongoing protests against COVID-19 restrictions. In the environment, Ford is confident that the police will take “appropriate steps to address the problems in our cities and put an end to them.” (Patrick Doyle/Reuters)
Ford spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday evening about the protests, which Ford called the occupation. However, conversations with the Ford team suggest that they were reluctant to engage in dialogue with the protesters or abandon Trudeau’s lifeline .

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