The singer’s attorney Mathew Rosengart filed documents ahead of Wednesday’s conservatorship hearing claiming that her father/former conservator, Jamie Spears, and the lawyers involved took more than $36 million from the estate over the 13-year period. The Spears patriarch allegedly “siphoned millions” personally, billing things like his legal fees stemming from his 2019 physical altercation with her minor sons to Britney’s estate. He also tried to pitch his own cooking show to networks, riding his famous daughter’s coattails while she was stripped of her rights.

Plus, Rosengart slapped the star’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, with a cease and desist letter related to her memoir that the sisters have been very publicly fighting over.

The forensic investigation, done at the request of Britney’s legal team, found that Jamie “profited from his role as conservator” in the amount of $6.3 million, according to the docs obtained by Yahoo Entertainment. Further, Jamie “approved the expenditure of more than $30 million in fees to be paid by the estate to dozens of firms between 2008 and 2020.


Despite painting himself as a ‘volunteer’ for the role of conservator, James Spears commenced the conservatorship and siphoned millions of dollars from his daughter’s estate for over a decade, taking fees, commissions, and other miscellaneous payments totaling more than $6 million (in known funds),” the docs state along with a year-by-year chart.

Jamie’s “lawyers were paid many millions more,” it notes, including over $1.3 million to his former law firm, Holland & Knight, over a seven-month period to fight Britney to stay on as conservator when she called for his removal. The law firm billed $540,000 for public relations work for Mr. Spears — who earned a six-figure salary plus a percentage of business deals he made for Britney — to protect his image amid the #FreeBritney movement.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Jamie, who has maintained that he has always acted in Britney’s best interests, wants Judge Brenda Penny to signs off on pending accounting matters, so he’s no longer on the hook for them after being suspended over the summer after Britney alleged conservatorship abuse.

“Mr. Spears, an ignominiously-suspended conservator — of a conservatorship that has been terminated —now seeks to siphon even more money from his daughter,” her lawyer wrote.

The forensic investigation, led by Sherine Ebadi of Kroll, detailed the alleged mismanagement of the conservatorship under Jamie. It noted how he immediately hired Lou Taylor’s Tri Star to manage the estate — a conflict as he was indebted to Tri Star for a personal loan. He later approved a raise to Tri Star when Britney was on a work hiatus. He also hired new security detail for Britney via Black Box, a company owned by his friend Edan Yemini, which was ultimately was paid almost $6 million from Britney’s estate — including to allegedly surveil her in her bedroom and monitor private phone conversations.


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