A mother is furious with Delta Air Lines after she was unable to buy a plane ticket for her nonbinary child as a result of the airline’s lack of gender options on its digital system.

Dawn Henry, a 52-year-old mother from Arizona, criticized Delta in a Twitter thread last week that eventually went viral, noting in her rant that the airline currently only features options for male and female. She said when she reached out to Delta regarding its gender policy after she was unable to purchase a surprise plane ticket for her adult child, a supervisor with the airline redirected her to the company policy that only specifies two gender options.

“As stands, at least with @Delta, #nonbinary people are not allowed to fly,” Henry tweeted. “The supervisor said that’s not true. But when a policy makes it impossible to buy a ticket that will comport with TSA guidelines, the result is the same. And that’s discrimination.”

Airline is now saying why: A Delta flight from Seattle to Shanghai turned back midair.

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Henry’s 21-year-old child identifies as nonbinary, meaning they have an “X” mark on their birth certificate and driver’s license. According to GLAAD, a transgender person who identifies as nonbinary does not identify exclusively as either male or female.

In 2019, as more states began to legally recognize nonbinary individuals on identification documents, Delta – along with several other major U.S. airlines – announced it would be updating its booking methods so that nonbinary passengers had options. Two of the biggest airlines and competitors of Delta, American and United, currently have drop-down menus during their booking process that are inclusive for nonbinary travelers. Southwest, Alaska, and JetBlue, like Delta, do not yet offer options outside of male or female.

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