The performance, which was headlined by Dr. Dre and featured Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, is being hailed as one of the greatest halftime shows ever. But even though it has been greeted with overwhelmingly favorable reviews, one of the performers has been getting some less-than-ideal comments.

The halftime show began with Dre and Snoop performing hits The Next Episode and California Love before the camera tilted down to show 50 cent recreating the iconic upside-down intro from his 2003 song In Da Club. And the internet was unforgiving.

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50 Cent looks like he was hit by inflation,” joked one Twitter user. “50 Cent looking like a whole dollar bill,” said another. “Looks like 50 Cent has been spending a lot of time at the candy shop,” commented another, referencing another of the 46-year-old’s hit songs.


50, real name Curtis Jackson, didn’t take the insults lying down. “👀who the fvck did this? 😠” he wrote on Instagram alongside a meme where he had been replaced by Bizarre from the group D12.

Being in the middle of a body-shaming storm is nothing new for Jackson, who was accused of body shaming and ageism himself just two months ago after commenting on a series of photos of Madonna, for which he later apologized.

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